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Are you interested in learning the Dutch language? Then this page is for you!

This page is a collection of links to URL's, books, and music for beginning, intermediate, and advanced Dutch learners. The caption next to each link indicates what the resource is, and who will benefit the most from it. This list is far from comprehensive, but it's more of a personal collection of mementos that I have discovered during my own journey through the Dutch language.     Veel Plezier!

Dutch Language URL's

Here is a list of URL's that I personally used to learn to read/understand Dutch before I actually moved to the Netherlands.

P1 Vertaalwoordenboek - The best free Dutch-English/English-Dutch dictionary available online. This dictionary can translate words in their various forms (conjugations and tenses). After 3 years of speaking Dutch intensively, I still use this dictionary on a fairly regular basis.

De Delftse Methode - This is a complete Dutch Course, available online from the TU Delft. The Intermediate and Advanced courses are available in their entirety here.

eGroups DUTCH-ENGLISH-STUDY-GROUP - If you're not already living in the Netherlands, this is a very good place to get your Dutch language questions answered. Lots of native speakers are available to help you out.

Dutch - English On-line Dictionary - An O.K. online dictionary

Online English to Dutch to English Dictionary - Another online dictionary

Integral Dutch Course - Nice document for beginning Dutch students

LearnDutch - Collection of lots of links for beginning Dutch learners

English-Dutch tests - Test your knowledge

NT2 Voorbeeldexamens - Another way to test your knowledge - Good reading practice -- Dutch children's stories! (intermediate)

Nederlandse Cultuurkunde - Good practice reading material that also teaches you a bit about the Dutch culture. (intermediate/advanced) - Dutch Media Homepage - good place to see the 'Journaal' (popular news show) online if you're not living in the Netherlands. (intermediate/advanced)

Radio Nederlands - Listen to Dutch radio! (intermediate/advanced) - Link page to all kinds of things related to the Netherlands. (intermediate/advanced) - Huge page of links to thinks related to the Dutch language. (intermediate/advanced)

Uitdrukkingen - Big list of Dutch expressions. (intermediate/advanced)

woordenindex - Big index of Dutch words. (intermediate/advanced)

Dutch Language Books

These are good Dutch-language books, that are available at bookstores.

Teach Yourself Dutch - This is where it all started for me. This book/audio cassette set is VERY good, and will take you up to intermediate-level if you complete and understand the entire book. If you don't live in the Netherlands, (or don't have a very patient Dutch person to help you), the audio cassette is absolutely necessary. It's almost impossible to figure out how to pronounce Dutch words otherwise.

Taking Dutch Further - Good book for intermediate Dutch learners. This book continues where the 'Teach Yourself' book leaves off.

Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar - This is an amazing grammar reference book. While helpful for beginners/intermediate learners, you'll find that it still has useful stuff, even when you're fluent.

Van Dale Woordenboek - THE Dutch-English/English-Dutch dictionary to purchase

Kramers Woordenboek - These D-E/E-D dictionaries also seem good (but I don't have much personal experience with them.)

Dutch Language Music

There's no more enjoyable way to learn a language than listening to music! Here are some of my favorite Dutch bands. (Songs from these bands can be downloaded via music swapping services, and complete CD's can be ordered from ' '):

Acda en de Munnik - A Dutch singer-songwriter duo, with good music and clever text.

Blof - A bit more mainstream, but still good.

Pater Moeskroen - This band / theater-troupe is downright silly! (With exception of their newest more-serious 'fairy-tale' album, their stuff is hilarious!)

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