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This section gives some links to online technical book libraries and collections. The selection of material here is pretty vast..

Big Technical Library - Very large collection of online books.
O'Reilly Open Books Project - Medium Sized Collection of free and out-of-print O'Reilly books
Bruce Perens Open Source Series - Medium sized collection of books on Linux and Open Source technologies
FreeTechBooks - A collection of books related to the Free Software / Open-Source movement
Andamooka Reader - Another fairly small collection with some really good books stuck in between
Lost XPerience .. Free Books & CD's - Yet another collection..
Online Computer Books - U Penn - Some good computer-related documents from U. Penn.
Planet Books - Another large collection of computer books..


This section is for real computer nerds. This is a collection of computer-related online novels. These books are not technical, but are purely of historical, philosophical, or entertainment value.

Free Software / Open-Source

Free as in Freedom - Biography of Richard Stallman. An interesting look at the eccentric genius behind the Free Software Foundation.
Open Sources: Voices from the Open-Source Revolution - A collection of interesting essays about the origins and development of the Open-Source software model and community
The Cathedral and the Bazaar - THE classic open-source essay by Eric Raymond
Homesteading the Noosphere - The second open-source essay by Eric Raymond
The Magic Cauldron - The third in Eric Raymond's open-source writings
Free For All - Another book about the open-source movement
Open Source and Free Software Licensing - How to navigate the maze of open-source SW licenses
Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software - Newly released MIT-press book discussing open-source
We The Media - A philosophical look at blogs and "grassroots journalism"

The Digital 'Underground'

The Hacker Crackdown - A fascinating and well-written novel on the history of hackers
Underground - Another professionally-written book on the evolution of the Australian hacker community
Approaching Zero - A less professionally written, but nonetheless gripping tale of the computer underground
Cyberia - I haven't read this yet, but it looks pretty good
The HERETIC - Ditto

Technical Books

Here is a few of my favorite technical books, that are available freely online.

Security Engineering - Full of anecdotes, and offers a good holistic view of Computer Security
TCP-IP Illustrated - Volume 1 - THE TCP/IP classic by the late Richard Stevens
Art of Assembly Language Programming - Good Assembly Language resource
Linux Device Drivers - Excellent text on device drivers - O'Reilly
Linkers and Loaders - Good introductory text to program linking and loading
The Art of Unix Programming - A book on Unix Programming by Eric Raymond
Linux Network Administrator's Guide - Excellent book on Network Administation - O'Reilly
Learning Debian GNU-Linux - Good introductory Debian Linux text - O'Reilly
Using Samba - Learn how to use Samba - O'Reilly