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During the period January 1 - July 1 1996 René Swarttouw worked on the project "A computer implementation of the Askey-Wilson scheme". The purpose of this project was to make a start with bringing the report

[1] R. Koekoek and R.F. Swarttouw, The Askey-scheme of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and it's q-analogue, Report 94-05, Delft University of Technology, Faculty TWI, 1994.
to the form of an interactive book, with facilities for symbolic manipulation of formulas. You may download an updated version of this report by using the following links: a compressed PostScript-file a GNU-zipped PostScript-file.

The project can be divided into three parts. Information about the second and third part (including their recent development) is available by clicking on the right place in the table below. Information about the first part is not available on the web. However, for an online version of the updated version of the report click here.

Askey-Wilson scheme



The Askey-Wilson-scheme project was under the supervision of T.H. Koorwinder (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and is part of the HISC (Human Interaction with Symbolic Computation) project at RIACA.

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