Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I run an RMI program with Manta?

    There are some special things that need to be done to run a manta RMI application. I wrote a simple "hello world" program in RMI, including a Makefile to build it for Manta. You can download the program here. if you open two shells, you can run it on your local machine by doing this:

    export HOSTS="localhost localhost"
    ./hello 0 2

    export HOSTS="localhost localhost"
    ./hello 1 2

    So, on each machine that participates in the run, the HOSTS variable must be set to the complete set of machines that participate. Then, you run the application with two parameters, the first is the rank of the machine, the second is the total number of machines in the run. The two parameters will not be passed to your Java program.