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Rutger Hofman

Research Programmer in the Computer Systems Group of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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Current projects

In the group of Henri Bal:
  • GreenClouds -- energy-aware cluster computing, on both CPUs and GPUs.

Previous projects (an incomplete list, for sure)

In the group of Andy Tanenbaum:
  • The RFID Guardian project: a handheld device to protect the bearer against unwarranted RFID queries. A hardware prototype has been developed commercially. It has a BlackFin CPU, an FPGA, analog hardware, and is extensible.
    • Real-Time OS eCos, extended for BlackFin BF54x series;
    • device drivers for the RFID devices, NAND flash, FPGA communication via UrJTAG, BlueTooth communication and some more;
    • implementation of the ISO15693, ISO14443, Mifare protocol stacks;
    • ACL tuned for speedy lookup of ranges of RFID UIDs;
    • command language over serial or network connection
  • The Mansion project: Secure distributed multi-agent system.
In the group of Henri Bal:
  • The Ibis project: fast communication and serialization, done entirely in Java. Ibis also runs over Myrinet, calling into native (C) code.
  • Fast network layers on the DAS-2 cluster. These include LFC-GM, an implementation of the LFC interface on top of Myricom's GM.
    The portability layer Panda is also maintained by me.
  • The Jackal project: A Java DSM implementation. This is part of the Manta Project
  • The Manta project: A Java implementation with a native compiler and very fast RMI.
  • The Albatross project: Wide Area parallel computing on the DAS cluster
  • Fast network layers for Orca and Panda on the DAS cluster
  • Blindingly fast MPI on the DAS cluster
  • Blindingly fast PVM on the DAS cluster
  • Runtime support system for Orca on Unix platforms
  • Trace package and analysis tools for Orca programs
  • Port of Panda and Orca towards the Parix platforms T800 (transputer machine) and PowerExplorer (PowerPC machine)


My software page contains some contributions to eCos, some in really alpha stage; and some private projects, like my package to do web management for a music group (for now, completely in Dutch) or a converter from niff to lilypond.




Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1081A, Room P4:54
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands




+31 20 598 7759

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