About me

My research addresses the design, implementation and evaluation of intelligent media technologies that influence human behaviour. Examples of such systems include smartphone applications to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle, virtual reality-based training environments for security personnel, and social robots to support patients with mental health disorders.

Within this context, my current line of research focuses on the development of Socially Intelligent Agents, i.e., human-like robots or characters in virtual environments that communicate with humans or with each other using natural human modalities. My work has an emphasis on the use of agents for training of social skills such as aggression de-escalation and cultural awareness. My main interest is to enhance both the believability and the effectiveness of such agents, by endowing them with dynamic computational models of human behaviour, which are rooted in psychological and social theories. Such models enable agents to generate human-like behaviour as well as to understand it.

I am also the president of the Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence.