Advanced Logic 2017-2018


Advanced Logic (course code X_405048) is a course in the Master Computer Science, Master Artificial Intelligence, and Master Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems. It is an introduction to modal logics, in which the following subjects are discussed: basic modal logic, possible world semantics, bisimulation and invariance, modal definability, decidability, temporal, dynamic, epistemic logic.


The course is in 2017-2018 taught in period 4, that is, in weeks 6--12.
We have lectures on Mondays and Thursdays, and exercise classes on Wednesdays.
Please see the VU schedule.


The lectures are taught by Femke van Raamsdonk and the exercise classes are taught by Alexander Bentkamp.


We use the book Modal Logic for Open Minds (MLOM) by Johan van Benthem.

Lectures and exercise classes


There are three sets of (non-obligatory) homework assignments.
They contribute to a bonus of at most 0.5 on the exam grade.
Passing two out of three assignments yields a bonus of at most 0.3, and passing one out of three assignments yields a bonus of at most 0.1.


There is no midterm exam.

The final exam is in week 8 of the course, and there is a resit in June.

exam March 2015 and some answers

exam March 2017

resit June 2017

Extra material


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