Logic and Modelling 2014-2015
(Logica en Modelleren)

This is the website of Logic and Modelling 2014.
This website contains general information.
For detailed information there are special pages.

Special pages:



There are two lectures and two exercise classes per week.

The times of the lectures are:

Attending the lectures is obligatory for everyone.

For the exercise classes we form two groups. Thus everyone follows two of the four scheduled exercise classes per week.

exercise class 1 exercise class 2 teaching assistant
Groep A Tuesday 11:00 - 12:45, see schedule [rooster] Thursday 11:00 - 12:45, see schedule [rooster] Maarten Hoogendoorn
Groep B Tuesday 11:00 - 12:45, see schedule [rooster] Thursday 11:00 - 12:45, see schedule [rooster] Roy Overbeek

Lecture material

We use the following book:

Michael Huth en Mark Ryan, Logic in Computer Science.
Cambridge University Press, Second Edition, 2004
The following website goes along with the book:
The WWW-tutor offers mulptiple-choice questions to train certain parts (does not cover everything!) of the subject matter.

Computer practicum ProofWeb and SAT

You can train natural deduction online using ProofWeb; see further the manual. Moreover, we are going to work with a SAT solver.

A successful participation in the practicum ProofWeb and SAT yields 0,6 bonus points for the final grade.

ProofWeb will be introduced in the lecture of Monday, 3rd of November. The exercise classes on Tuesday 4th and 11th of November will be about ProofWeb.

We have created ProofWeb accounts for all students registered on Blackboard.

Your password has been send to your VU-email on November 2 around 19:45 - 20:00.


The forum will be a Discussion Board on Blackboard (under the course Logic and Modelling) for the exchange of experiences and reporting problems with ProofWeb and SAT.


The participation in the midterm exam is not obligatory, but strongly suggested. The result can only influence the final grade positively: it then weighs with 1/3. More precisely: if V is the midterm grade, and T the grade of the final exam, then the final grade is max(T, (2T+V)/3). Moreover, as described above, a successful participation in the practicum will yield 0.6 bonus points for the final grade.

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