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This page contains information for students who consider to devote their final term project to a subject in theoretical computer science. If you have any question, please contact one of us. See the homepage of our group for our email addresses.

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The research of the theoretical computer science group at VU is concerned with validation of protocols, verification of specifications and programs, rewriting systems (first-order term rewriting, graph rewriting, higher-order term rewriting), lambda calculus, type theory, process algebra, and structural operational semantics.

Relevant courses.

Knowledge of (some of) the following courses is recommended background knowledge for a final term project in theoretical computer science:

Final term projects in verification.

Part of the research at the theoretical computer science group is devoted to the verification of distributed and embedded systems and communication protocols. For this purpose we study and develop formal techniques for the unambiguous description, design and documentation of full software systems. A main vehicle forms the language µCRL, based on process algebra in combination with abstract data types; others are timed automata (UPPAAL, KRONOS), model checkers (CADP, SPIN) and theorem provers (PVS, Coq, µCRL prover). We work with a wide range of analysis techniques and resources to prove that programmed systems exhibit their expected functionality. We employ methods from algebra and logics, as well as term-rewriting. For the analysis of data and processes, dedicated tools for proof checking, state-space analysis and reduction, simulation, and testing are used. In order to assess the viability of various techniques and tools, we carry out experiments in the realm of communication and security protocols, distributed algorithms, and embedded and hybrid control systems. Our ongoing research work frequently includes challenges that can be assigned to students as graduation projects. If you are interested, you are invited to contact Wan Fokkink at the email address given below. Current projects include the following topics:

Subjects for Master's theses:

Final term projects in rewriting.

Please contact Roel de Vrijer ( for further information.

Some possibility in higher-order rewriting:

Please contact Femke van Raamsdonk ( for further information.

Final term projects in proof checking.

Some possibilities: Please contact Femke van Raamsdonk ( for further information.

Final term projects in process algebra and structural operational semantics.

Please contact Wan Fokkink ( for further information.

Some master's theses in tcs.

To get an impression of a master's thesis in theoretical computer science, please have a look at the theses that were written the last years (this is an incomplete list).
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