Dynamics and Management of Reasoning Processes


Meyer, J.J.Ch., and Treur, J. (volume eds.)


Series in Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty Management Systems

(D. Gabbay and Ph. Smets, series eds.), vol. 6. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.







Introduction                                                                                                                          1

J.-J. Ch. Meyer and J. Treur 


Basic Concepts                                                                                                                    7

J.-J. Ch. Meyer and J. Treur


Temporal Semantics of Meta-Level Architectures for Dynamic Control of Reasoning             17

J. Treur


Formal Semantics of Temporal Epistemic Reflection                                                             41

W. van der Hoek, J.-J. Meyer and J. Treur


Compositional Verification of Diagnostic Process Models                                                      65

F. Cornelissen, C. M. Jonker and J. Treur


Specification of nonmonotonic reasoning                                                                               83

J. Engelfriet and J. Treur


An Interpretation of Default Logic in Minimal Temporal Epistemic Logic                              105


J. Engelfriet and J. Treur


The Dynamics of Default Reasoning                                                                                  125

B. van Linder, W. van der Hoek and J.-J. Ch. Meyer


Default Logic as Dynamic Doxastic Logic                                                                          159

K. Segerberg


Temporalized Epistemic Default Logic                                                                                177

W. van der Hoek, J.-J. Ch. Meyer and J. Treur


Meta-level Selection Techniques for the Control of Default Reasoning                                 195

V. Allis, Y.-H. Tan and J. Treur


A New Semantics for Logic Programs                                                                               217

F. Lin and R. Reiter


Context-Dependent Natural Deduction for Non-Monotonic Reasoning                                  249

P. Besnard and Y.-H. Tan


Dynamic Normative Reasoning Under Uncertainty                                                             267

L. van der Torre and Y.-H. Tan


A Formal Analysis of Pro-activenes and Reactiveness in Cooperative Information                299


C. M. Jonker and J. Treur


Modelling Internal Dynamic Behaviour of BDI Agents                                                        339

F. Brazier, B. Dunin-Keplicz, J. Treur and R. Verbrugge


Deliberate Evolution in Multi-Agent Systems                                                                       363

F. Brazier, C. M. Jonker, J. Treur and N. J. E. Wijngaards


Index                                                                                                                                381