Traffic & Information Pricing Systems

Some background information is given by the two articles below. The first article explains why continuous pricing (say, billing for each and every kilometer driven and/or all pollution caused) is far superior to discrete pricing (say, billing for the passing of toll gates). The second article describes some important requirements for a suitable Traffic Information System (TIS) and gives an introduction to the TIP system, which meets all these requirements.
Both these articles are published in (and scanned from) TOLLtrans'99, which is the 1999 supplement to the October/November issue of the journal Traffic Technology International (TTI). The yearly TOLLtrans and the bimonthly TTI are both published by UK & International Press. In the above two articles I refer to (the existence of) their extended versions, which I intended (at the time of publication) to make available as html-files on the Web as well. The titles of these extended articles are: However, mainly because I have to limit typing (as I am suffering from RSI), these two are not available yet (and I doubt seriously whether they will be in the near future :-).
The only other information about the TIP-system currently being available here, is: For more information please contact the author. Readers mastering the Dutch language can find some extra background information (e.g. about history and arguments) by following the link to rekeningrijden and/or to kilometerheffing .