Our house

The main design of our house (say, its basic shape) has been done by myself and has been finished in December 1994. The design clearly has been influenced by (respectively, refers to) my mathematical background, as the core of the building consists of a square (the brick part on the ground-floor), a triangle (the brick part on 1st floor) and a quarter of a circle (the circle sector on 2nd floor).

Around March 1995 I did meet Willem Joosten, and we decided to start a cooperation to work out my basic idea into more detail. I have highly appreciated this cooperation with Willem Joosten, who to me has proven to be a capable architect and a nice person as well. (So, if you are searching for a suitable architect, ......) He has generously spent quite some time in answering my questions and helping me to improve the design more and more. His help and ideas have been indispensable for the quality of the final result.

Similar nice things are true for Laurens Jannink from VAB in Rijssen, who has taken care of working out the preliminary design into a technical design.  As I have been rather deeply involved with that stage of the project as well, it seems best to say that I got a large part of my education in the engineering of houses from him during the many sessions we had.

Finally I had to make (in this case against my will) a considerable contribution to the actual building of the house. The person hired for supervising the construction stage got an interesting and important new job just before the construction started and ... did simply step out. So I (more or less forcedly) decided to supervise the building process myself. Because of the many problems (!) during construction and the official foreman of the building contractor (too) often being elsewhere, I have been forced several times to play part of the role of troubleshooter and/or foreman as well.
(  Oh, lucky :-( days ....  :-) :-)  )

The house has been built mainly in the period April 1997 - January 1998. From February 1998 on there has been very slow progress in getting the house really finished. The photograph to the right has been scanned from Elsevier magazine (Elsevier, vol. 54, nr. 26/27, June 1998, p. 120). The first four photographs referred to by the links below, also give an impression of the result around June 1998. These four are taken with a compact camera (with a lens that appears to cause a considerable distortion). The photo on top of this page has been taken in the summer of 1999 (with that same camera). The last three photographs below have been taken with a digital camera.

At one time I perhaps will take time to make a better desciption and/or better photographs.
For the time being, this is it.