It's Quality, stupid!

IQstupid (pun intended) is an acronym for: "It's Quality, stupid!".
It is my favorite slogan to express that the importance and economic(al) value
of quality is still underestimated and that the virtue of producing high quality is
not appreciated enough!
My slogan is intended to encompass and generalize such principles as
"Get it right the first time" and "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" (KISS),
which both have to do with quality and economy as well.
When devising this slogan, I clearly have been inspired by KISS and
by the slogan from the campaign for Bill Clinton's first election:
"It's the economy, stupid!".
Although it may seem (or is) a bit far-fetched, the "quality principle" behind
IQstupid has consequences for thoughts about e.g. the economic(al) value of
honesty and subjects like overpopulation and environmental problems.
I do not digress more about this here (yet?).