Morning newspapers 21 November 2007

"What do politicians do when they really cannot
agree? Appoint a committee." De Pers writes
this laconically today on the outcome of the
cabinet meeting on redundancy legislation.
Other newspapers, like Trouw, put the emphasis
on the cabinet crisis that was barely avoided.
"Cabinet skims along the edge of the abyss."

A "most wanted" list will be published on the
internet, the AD reports. The most wanted
fugitives will be listed with their photo and
description on a website. The justice department
hopes this will involve the public more in
tracking down fugitives. Diederik Greive,
chairman of the National Selection Committee
for Wanted Notices of the public prosecution
department, says it often takes too long before
a wanted notice with photos of the suspect is
disseminated. "Issuing a wanted notice quickly
can sometimes make a big difference."

The AD revisits the defence department's blunder
which allowed classified information to be
accessed on the internet. The newspaper says
that some of this information can still be
found online, namely a document containing the
names and functions of thousands of navy
employees. Amsterdam professor of information
science Chris Verhoef says that the defence
department should quickly investigate what
damage the leaking of the classified information
may have caused. "The leadership at the military
should investigate how often the information
was downloaded, by whom and in which countries."

Anne Frank expert David Barnouw of the NIOD
(Netherlands Institute for War Documentation)
is surprised at the commotion about the tree
outside the Annex where the Frank family hid
during WWII, he said on Goedemorgen Nederland
on Wednesday. He says the fuss about the proposed
felling of the "Anne Frank tree" can be attributed
to the growth in popularity of Anne Frank in
the Netherlands, after her "excessive popularity"
abroad for years. "Everything to do with Anne
Frank is now quickly becoming a hype." Barnouw
expects that the discussion will flare up again
in a few years if another attempt is undertaken
to have the tree felled.

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